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Large Rifle Magnum Primers

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Bend - Redmond, or


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I have 8 cartons of CCI 250 Large Rifle Magnum Primers (1000 per carton) for sale at $175.00 per carton.

I have used these on my .308, using Precision Rifle powder, by dropping the charge by .5 grain and saw no decernable difference in the fired primers between the CCI 200 and CCI 250, though I didn't crono the two loads. And before I tried this, I read a lot on the net about interchangeability of the two primers. And you should do the research as well. And I have no idea what the results might be with any other powder. I use Precision Rifle simply because it is available.

With CCI 200's going for $225 and up on this may be a viable alternative. I'm NOT saying it is correct. Use at your own risk.

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