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Need to sell items other than guns? Try out; a craigslist style website targeted to conservatives.


Due to several requests by users, we have integrated page view counters on all of the listings. You can now see how many times your ad has been looked at! The counters are not retro-active and only reflect page views after 7/25/09.

6/22/2009 was featured on TheFirearmBlog. Thanks for the positive article!


Just launched the new Let us know how you like the look and feel of it.

Besides the look, here are a few of the major improvements:
- On a new, faster server. This will solve any image uploading issues you have had in the past.
- Improved the search feature. It is now easier to find exactly what you are looking for.
- You can now preview and confirm the accuracy of your listing before it is made active.
- Editing and deleting your ad is now even easier with a direct link that is emailed to you on completion of your ad.


We now have a fan page on Facebook. If you would like to support the site and spread the word, become a fan. You can click here to take a look (or search facebook for '').

This page is also a great way to express any suggestions or comments you have about

Also, we have made a few updates to the site (many of them were suggestions from users like you) here are a couple of the major ones:
- Two new categories: 'Ammo/Reloading', and 'Events/ Services Offered'
- The main page now displays the total number of active listings on the website so you can see how gunlistings is doing as a whole.


We have added a new "Help Promote" page. You can check it out here:


We are now accepting donations via paypal. If you would like to support and their mission please click here.


We have made the following updates to

- Preventing Spam
When posting a gun classified listing, your email address is now encoded to prevent spam from being sent to your email address.

- New Categories
We have added the categories "Miscellaneous" and "Want to Buy."

- Search All States
On the main menu you can find the link to our new search page. This page will allow you to search listings in all 50 states.

- Edit and Delete Ads
After posting an ad you will be given a code. This code can then be used to edit or delete your ad at a later date. Otherwise, your ad will automatically expire after 90 days.

- FFL Dealers
FFL dealers are encouraged to list their inventory on Once again, all ads are free and do not require any registration! We have added a question to the ad posting form that will differentiate between FFL and non-FFL ads so users can filter their results, if wanted.

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