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Listing ID: 134781
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Pistol Cobra CA-380, 380 auto, new, pocket size-compact

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Northwest Indiana - Portage IN

This listing is no longer active. Click here for more Pistols in Northwest Indiana.

Cobra CA-380, cal.380 acp-auto (9x17mm-short nine). Brand new. I have two of these for sale. Other one is all chrome with black grips in .32 auto. Price is firm $299 for one.

Quality made in the USA by Cobra Ent. Firearms:
"Cobra Firearms are manufactured and assembled 100% in the USA. Every firearm we produce carries a lifetime warranty. We are one of the top 10 handgun manufacturers in the US today and are recognized for our quality made yet affordable line of firearms."
Life time warranty, transferable to any owner. From the factory: "Factory direct life time warranty covers all owners of the firearm". If you ever have any problems you send it for free repair or service, if is not repairable they will send you new one. Not many factories have the lifetime warranty, this is the good indicator of the excellent quality.

This is the perfect size light weight handgun, perfect for personal concealed carry, pocket, purse, vehicle, man and woman.
It is all black, polymer coated, maintenance free-no oiling needed outside, it wont stain your clothes, it wont corrode, it wont make mess in you purse.
Perfect concealable firearm for a beginning shooter to an experienced marksman. No recoil, very easy and simple to operate and shoot. Perfect balance and shape - rounded edges, will not catch the clothing while drawing. And reassembles the famous James Bond Walter PPK.
Caliber .380acp (auto) it's actually 9x17mm, same caliber like the standard police/military 9x19mm para, but only 2mm shorter casing. It has excellent stopping power. This is the best caliber for the smaller pistols, because if you go bigger you are losing number of bullets in the mag and shooting becomes unpleasant especially for very young people and females, due to short handle /grip and huge recoil. Light weight of the gun cannot compensate any part of the recoil forces and gun can even jump out of the hands and kick you in the head. That is why .380 is the perfect choice with almost no recoil, even seven years old can shoot it safely.

Model: Cobra CA-380
Caliber: 380acp
Capacity: 5+1 rounds
Sights: Fixed
Barrel Length: 2.8"
Overall Length/Height/Width: 5.4" / 4.0" / 1.0"
Weight: 22oz
Frame Material: Alloy
Action: Single
Manual safety locks the slide and firing pin
Cocking indicator
Polymer grips - maintenance free

This is private sale. I am not a gun store or a gun dealer. There is no background check, and according to Indiana law, the sale is simple and straightforward - exchanging cash and guns between hands. But, my moral obligation is to make sure that these guns end up in criminal- free and responsible hands. So please, if you can legally own guns you are welcome; if you cannot or have mental issues, you are not welcome, and I will refuse to sell to you.

Pistols Pistol Cobra CA-380, 380 Auto, New, Pocket Size-compact Pistols Pistol Cobra CA-380, 380 Auto, New, Pocket Size-compact Pistols Pistol Cobra CA-380, 380 Auto, New, Pocket Size-compact

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