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FM Hi Power 9mm

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Knoxville - western ave.

This listing is no longer active. Click here for more Pistols in Knoxville.

Looking to trade my FM argentina made 9mm hi-power for a .22 pistol plinker, depending on model/accessories+cash. OR for sale for $450 obo, so that is what I am considering in it towards trade value. I will entertain other trades as well, but nothing where I would have to add cash to the pot. Would like to keep it fairly localized to east TN area so that shipping is not needed (or middle Tennessee if willing to meet halfway).

Frame, barrel, and slide have matching serials. These pistols were made on browning equipment so they are to spec. The frame I believe is an earlier forged frame, vs the later series hi-powers being cast. Includes pachmyr grips and one 13rd magazine. I have recently had the gun refinished. It originally had a terrible black paint, so I paid to have it bead blasted clean and re-parkerized so the finish is flawless at this point. I do not know the date made/nor the round count as I got this used. Since I have got it, I have maybe put 200 rounds down range. I have not had any gun related malfunctions with it, the only issue I have run into is the slide not locking back. The mag spring appears to be a little weak and although it feeds fine, it does not always get the slide stop up in time to lock the slide back when empty. Hi-power mags can be had for $15-20 through midway.

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Pistols FM Hi Power 9mm Pistols FM Hi Power 9mm Pistols FM Hi Power 9mm

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