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Listing ID: 831389
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Fx Impact MKII .30 cal.

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San Marcos


This listing is no longer active. Click here for more Pistols in San Marcos.

This started off as a MKII .30 cal. 700mm impact that I bought from SPAW. A couple of months later I sent it in for the SPAW power kit and had the 600mm.22 barrel and probe machined along with the .30 and had the bag rider installed too. Later I added the cheek piece and changed the lower trigger guard to give the extended rail. I ordered Air-Fective shrouds and moderators from England for both calibers but the 22 shroud is a little short but when installed you cant tell. There is a .22 slug liner along with .22 pellet liner and two .30.magazines one never used. As much as I have spent on this it really has not been shot much mainly because I cant decide what to set it up for but also my Red Wolf in .22 is extremely quiet and accurate and I have a .30 Safari. Price is $2000

Pistols Fx Impact MKII .30 Cal. Pistols Fx Impact MKII .30 Cal. Pistols Fx Impact MKII .30 Cal.

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