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Listing ID: 74410
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very early Ruger Standard (aka 'MK1') Pistol

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Seattle-tacoma - Lynnwood, WA

This listing is no longer active. Click here for more Pistols in Seattle-tacoma.

1950 Ruger Standard pistol; serial # 34XX. Pretty good mechanical conditiion; bluing fair.

Something I've noticed... this pistol, and the other 1950 Ruger that I've seen both have black eagles on the grips. This is before Sturm passed away; I don't know if these grips are original to this firearm or not.

So, I don't want to sell this as a mechanically perfect gun. But, I think it's fairly good, and due to the fact it's one of the older Ruger pistols you're gonna' run across, I believe it's well worth whatever tinkering it'll take to make it a complete and total tack driver.

I'd really like whoever buys this gun to at the minimum, allow me to disassemble and show the innards, and cycle a snap cap, or better yet meet me @ Sam's in Everett, or West Coast in Factoria and test drive the old girl. I value my reputation, and want to accurately disclose everything, and allow any prospective buyer the chance to run it.

Make this yours for $295

Interested parties, please PM. Pics attached... have larger versions which I can email on request. Oh, and I'm looking to sell FTF in the Seattle-Everett area. Can go out of state, but will need to go thru FFL on your dime. Got to keep it all legal.

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Pistols Very Early Ruger Standard (aka 'MK1') Pistol Pistols Very Early Ruger Standard (aka 'MK1') Pistol Pistols Very Early Ruger Standard (aka 'MK1') Pistol

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