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Listing ID: 91046
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Knoxville - Maryville

This listing is no longer active. Click here for more Rifles in Knoxville.

Here is what is available...
Any questions? more pics? just ask...
The entire album of pics can be seen here..(might have to copy n paste into browser)
865- seven 2 four -- 6 three 0 four

(1) BPI Connecticut Valley Arms .50 Cal Muzzle Loader
in a black synthetic stock. Nice condition. $120
(2) Mossberg Model 535 12 ga Pump. Nice. $300
(3) Marlin Model 120 12 ga Pump. Good shape. $250
(4) Savage Model 110 .243 in black syn stock with a
BSA 8x32x40 scope mounted...Nice....$300
(5) Norinco SKS (mid 60's) converted to take high cap mags.
Two (2) 30 rd mags and One (1) 40 rd mag incl. It is
missing the bayonet/knife.....Good shape....$350
(6) 1960 Chinese T53 (Mosin Nagant) also missing bayo
but in really nice condition....$175
(7) Yugo M48 8mm Mauser all matching NO crest....nice....$275
(8) Arisaka Type 99 re-chambered in 30-06 sporterized in orig stock
No mum...good...$175
(9) Enfield No4 MK2(F) ... non match...good shape...$300
(10) Smith and Wesson (S&W) 1937 Brazillian Contract
DA 45 revolver....non orig grips...ok shape...$400
(11) Norinco Tokarev Type 54-1 (saftey level missing)
gun is ok w/ one (1) mag.....$150
(12) Mauser Model 10 pistol in .25 acp....$175
(13) Ethan Allen Model 300 flint lock pistol....real nice...$135
(14) CVA Kentucky Pistol (flint lock)....good....$65
(15) The Hamilton Rifle....1907...hard to find....decent...$100

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