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Century Yugo M70 AK-47 (M70B1)

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Columbus - columbus

This listing is no longer active. Click here for more Rifles in Columbus.

This is the rare and very desirable Yugo M70 Fixed Stock AK-47 (M70B1) in very near mint condition. 99% of the M70s out there are under-folders and the fixed stock version is hard to find as very few of these were made. The metal is excellent and the wood is very nice. This AK has grenade launching capability and grenade launching sight as shown in the pictures.

The rifle shoots the popular 7.62x39 caliber. It is very accurate and it comes with Two mil-surp metal 30 round mag's and Green canvas sling, 2 30 rd. double stack magazines, compensator, bayonet lug,bayonet and scabbard (number matching) and heavy duty bipod (bayonet,scabbard and bipod not pictured).Barrel: 16 1/4", Overall: 34 1/4".. Shot very little maybe 50 rounds.

There on GunBroker and etc. for $ 900 and up,when you can find them.

Rebirth of the original Micthell Arms imports! This new sporter is based on the seldom seen, yet highly desirable Yugo M70B1 full-stock model.

Century’s semi-automatic M70B1 rifle is a civilian-legal version of the original Yugoslavian rifle, originally designed as a copy of the Soviet AKM. The 7.62x39 mm rifle features a threaded muzzle with a slant brake installed and a bayonet lug and weighs in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces.

The rifle is a combination of original Yugoslavian rifle parts and U.S.-made compliance parts. The fit and finish of the rifle is more than acceptable, with an evenly applied Parkerized finish and an above-average-condition wood fore-end.

The M70B1 has some novel features that set it apart from the run-of-the-mill AK variant. First, it has the enlarged and reinforced area around the trunnion like the RPK on its stamped receiver. In addition, a unique grenade ladder sight located on the gas block, when rotated into its upward open position, provides meter range marks and cuts off the gas port in the gas block. Also, the rifle features front and rear flip-up night sights, although the luminous material has long since disappeared. Has a smooth and comfortable trigger.

I might be open to trades of equal value.

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Rifles Century Yugo M70 AK-47 (M70B1) Rifles Century Yugo M70 AK-47 (M70B1)

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