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Smith & Wesson 'Safety Hammerless Revolver' .32 caliber

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Columbus - Columbus - Merion Village

This listing is no longer active. Click here for more Pistols in Columbus.

Smith & Wesson 'Safety Hammerless Revolver' also called 'New Departure Double Action'. This is what is commonly referred to as a 'Pocket Pistol'. This is is hinged frame break-top revolver, 5 round cylinder, 3.5 inch barrel.

Condition: This revolver, while showing finish blemishes consistent with its age, is tight & in perfect mechanical condition. The chambers & bore are free of rust & pitting. Has been test fired.

This revolver, serially numbered in the 43,000 range, chambers the .32 S&W cartridge.

Hard rubber grips, nickel plate finish, has been test-fired & shoots great. Has good bore, good chambers, solid, crisp action. Beautiful and nicely fitted hard rubber grips. Manufactured from 1888 to 1907, this revolver came out in the .32 caliber & .38 caliber. The .32 is much rarer as fewer revolvers in this caliber were produced.

The distinguishing features of the revolver include the hidden hammer & a grip safety of the type later seen on auto pistols. This safety gave the revolver its popular name: the "Lemon Squeezer."

In his book 'Pistols and Revolvers', Joseph E. Smith notes that the Safety Hammerless was considered the safest pocket revolver of the time. He also praises the distinct hesitation that occurs during the trigger pull as an aid in deliberate shot placement. The .32 S&W can be quite accurate in quality revolvers as is this one.

Another advantage is the absence of an external hammer, which, in an emergency, allows snag-free firing from a pocket. The absence of a hammer spur also enables a snag-free draw. The sights consist of a round front blade & the tiny grooved rear stud.

In designing these revolvers, clearly intended for home defense & concealed carry, Smith & Wesson placed a high premium on safety & efficiency.

The enclosed hammer, double-action concept, first applied to the Safety Hammerless in the late 1880s, endures to the present time & its 20th century heirs are already regarded as modern classics.

Price Guide Reference: New-in-box $1293 Excellent condition $881 Good condition $392

This gun would make a nice ladies concealed carry weapon.

Am asking only $125 for this working antique pistol. Comes with a box of .32 caliber ammunition. You may call me at [614]443-3925 or [614]271-4938, if no answer please leave a message with your phone number.

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Pistols Smith & Wesson 'Safety Hammerless Revolver' .32 Caliber Pistols Smith & Wesson 'Safety Hammerless Revolver' .32 Caliber Pistols Smith & Wesson 'Safety Hammerless Revolver' .32 Caliber

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