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Mak-90 Sporter, 7.62x39mm

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Savannah - Georgetown

This listing is no longer active. Click here for more Rifles in Savannah.

Labor Day Sale! I must sell some guns this weekend to pay bills, so get a great deal now, I cut all my prices bigtime. Please don't make me take them to pawn on Tuesday!
Please see all of my guns, accessories and ammo for sale at:

I am the original owner of this gun and it has only seen about a dozen uses at the target range. Like-new in appearance and function. It is a very fun and comfortable gun to shoot, easy to clean and very reliable. It has been stored in a humidity-controlled safe.
This is a Norinco Mak-90 Sporter rifle, commonly (but incorrectly) referred to as an AK-47 but semi-automatic rather than fully-automatic like a true AK. It is 7.62x39mm caliber which is very common and affordable. Beautiful thumbhole stock is in mint condition with no scratches. Black buttplate, adjustable sights, lever safety and simple breakdown and assembly. Completely original, no components have been changed, upgraded or adjusted.

Collectors: This is a very high quality version with a milled receiver (purchased in the early 90's), not the cheaper and lighter sheet metal receivers so commonly found today. It was made by Norinco in China.

Accessories Included: Green shoulder sling, original magazine, two 30-round magazines, original cleaning kit.

NOTE: I cannot ship guns, local sales only.

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Rifles Mak-90 Sporter, 7.62x39mm Rifles Mak-90 Sporter, 7.62x39mm Rifles Mak-90 Sporter, 7.62x39mm

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