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Western Slope - Carbondale

This listing is no longer active. Click here for more Pistols in Western Slope.

Desert Eagle Mark XIX 50AE Magnum, 440 COR-BON CORBON COR®BON Magnum, 44 Magnum, and 357 Magnum Collection which includes 9 barrels. Two each (6 inch and 10 inch) in each designated Caliber with an additional 10 inch 50AE barrel. (Total of 3 barrels in 50AE). 7 Barrels have never been mounted. Please notice the custom fitted MP5 TYPE Forearm which fits all the long barrels, including the laser when the laser is mounted on the long barrels. The MP5 fore-grip "slips" off and on as needed. The strong RED laser is extremely rare, fits the pistol frame with any mounted barrel, and was custom made for the Desert Eagle as shown. Also, I may include the 3D PANORAMIC holographic site.
The package includes Ammo> 50AE (6 Boxes Hornady XMP and 80 rounds FMJ), 100 rounds of Rare 440 Magnum COR®BON factory built ammo, and high quality "Silver Plated" HP 44 Magnum Ammo. Custom made HIGH END "Cross Shoulder" or "over the Shoulder" Black Leather Quick Draw Holster (you can quickly aim and shoot the DE from the holster without having to draw the weapon!). Additional DE Emblem Factory tactical holster and a separate custom tactical leg holster come with the package. Includes a full set of rare .440 COR®BON Magnum RCBS reload dies with rare custom factory made .440 reamer. Includes 44 Magnum RCBS reload dies. Also comes with the 357 Bolt and assembly tool and original owners manual. Notice the HOGUE rubber grips with unique D RING. Original grip included. A heavy duty two layer dual key lockable aluminum "strong box" holds barrels and accessories. BOYT Black Waterproof Case with sheepskin lining (as shown) customized for the DE Pistol and Mags. Six Magazines, two in each caliber (the 440 rounds use the 50AE Mags) are included with the package. The 400+ rounds of ammo and reload dies also come with their own lockable aluminum case. This is the Ultimate DE Collection that took over 5 years to complete and is EXTREMELY RARE and one of a kind. The individual items, along with the design and fabrication of the MP5 fore-grip, add up to considerably more than my price. PRICE REDUCED ON NOVEMBER 19TH TO $6550 OBO FOR ONE WEEK! ORIGINAL APPRAISAL WAS OVER 8K.
So to recap:
DE Mark XIX 50AE Pistol with 9 Barrels including TWO Extremely Rare COR®BON 440 Magnum in 6 and 10 inches/ 400+ ROUNDS OF AMMO/ 3 Custom Holsters/ 3 High End Cases/ Custom Red Laser/ Custom MP5 Forearm_Fore-grip/ Hogue Grips with D-ring/ and Reload dies for the 440 COR®BON and the 44 Magnum. Also, I may include the 3D PANORAMIC holographic site.
This Package MAY be transferred through my Colorado FFL if needed and is not intended as, advertised as, or should be interpreted as a "Private Sale Offering" in Colorado. If you are in Colorado we can meet.
Please know your local, state, and federal laws.

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